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Celebrating the Sweetness of Torah on Lag Ba’omer

This past week marked a brand-new milestone at The Yeshiva of South Shore Mechina Division. The talmidim together with their fathers/grandfathers joined together to give… Read More

Fish Tank 2.0 in the Silber Middle School

The Abraham and Sara Silber Middle School Division at Yeshiva of South Shore held its second annual Fish Tank competition, culminating with a fantastic showing… Read More

Bowling and Bagels During Class? (a TIC 2.0 project)

YOSS Boys Pulled out of Shiur for Bowling & Bagels?! The day started like any other at the YOSS Mechina. After breakfast, the 7th graders went… Read More

1,000 Amudim of Gemara in 6th Grade!

1000 Amudim of Gemara? YOSS 6th Grade reaches Herculean goal! Can a class of twenty-four sixth-graders review over 1,000 amudim of gemara over six  Shabbosim?… Read More

YOSS Talmidim Return to Their Roots on the 37th yahrzeit of HaRav Yaakov Kamenetzky zt”l

  YOSS Talmidim Return to Their Roots   This past week Klal Yisroel commemorated Reb Yaakov Kamenetzky’s yahrzeit (1891-1986). Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, Rosh yeshiva… Read More

YOSS Talmidim Inspired by HaRav Aharon Pessin on Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s Yahrzeit

“If you want, you will be!” As we reflect on the first yahrzeit of Rav Chaim zt’l, we are so inspired by his gadlus in… Read More

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