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Engineering and STEM at YOSS

Our YOSS boys are learning about the structural engineering of bridges in our elementary science lab. By working in lab teams, they apply the… Read More

5th Grade Haschalas Gemora Celebration

This past week our 5th grade  celebrated the momentous occasion of Haschalas Gemara. Due to health and safety concerns there were three separate… Read More

Our new Football Field

Here at YOSS we are not only constantly upgrading the learning experience for our talmidim, but also the entire day – including recess!… Read More

Parenting from Head To Toe

Last week Mrs. Elana Fertig, Early Childhood Director of Yeshiva of South Shore, presented a parenting webinar for mothers, planned by Sparks of Inspiration and… Read More

The Democratic Process Plays Out in the Silber Middle School

In the spirit of the election season, teachers at the Abraham and Sara Silber YOSS Mechina deviated from their standard curriculum, the thirteen colonies and… Read More


We are back in Yeshiva!! It has been “trying times”, or as many people say “unprecedented times”. We have all gone through and are going… Read More

Oil Spill at YOSS… STEM Style!

  In conjunction with the unit on Earth Science, the sixth grade students in Mrs. Slansky’s class participated in a STEM Challenge. Each team… Read More

Microscopic Life Comes Alive!

This week, many 7th grade students at the Abraham & Sara Silber Middle School at Yeshiva of South Shore were taught a detailed hands-on lesson… Read More

YOSS Library is Turning Pages in the New School Year!

Welcome back to school! What a thrill it is to see our beloved YOSS boys (well, at least their eyes and hair!). Even with the… Read More

We Will open the Schools…Together!

How Will We Open The Schools….We will do it….Together! By Morah Elana Fertig Director, Hollander Early Childhood Center     As the doors… Read More

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