Yeshivas Toras Chaim was founded in 1927 in East New York by Rabbi Isaac Schmidman. The Yeshiva of South Shore was established in 1956 by Rabbi Binyomin Kamenetzky. In 1963 the two Yeshivos merged and moved into its new campus, later named the Manfred and Jamie Lehmann Campus on 1170 William Street in Hewlett, NY. Yeshiva of South Shore's goal in education is to develop a child whose life is infused with a love for learning and of Eretz Yisroel. The foundation of our chinuch is a shared understanding of V'ahavta L'reachca Kamocha; that we are all deserving of each other's respect.
Through a solid Limudei Kodesh and General Studies program, we educate children according to their capabilities and with great sensitivity to the individual needs of each student. We are dedicated to foster each student's spiritual, academic and emotional growth to his highest potential. Through a close relationship with his rabbeim, teachers, and administrators, each student will grow academically towards high school preparedness. A South Shore student will be a role model of an individual well on his way to becoming a self sufficient, functioning member of klal Yisroel and a source of nachas to his family and community.