“If you want, you will be!”

As we reflect on the first yahrzeit of Rav Chaim zt’l, we are so inspired by his gadlus in Torah, tefillah and love for every single Jew. His humble h

ome in Bnei Brak became a magnet for all Yidden across the globe, and his unwavering commitment to limud haTorah continues to inspire young and old!

This past week, YOSS Mechina talmidim were fortunate to hear divrei zikaron from HaRav Aharon Pessin, a close talmid of Rav Chaim zt’l. Rabbi Pessin described the true impact of a tzaddik, and the reason why we must be mechazeik ourselves now that he is no longer here. He told personal stories of Rav Chaim’s gadlus in Torah, and endless drive to learn. He highlighted Rav Chaim’s love and concern for every Jew, and the incredible humility that defined him. Rav Chaim was a living Sefer Torah, and inspired all who came in contact with him to strive for more!

Rabbi Pessin shared that Rav Chaim believed that everyone had the capacity to become a gadol baTorah. He related that one day a young boy asked Rav Chaim for a bracha that he becomes a talmid chacham. Rav Chaim answered him by saying “If you want, you will be!” It w

as a real chizzuk for that child, and Rabbi Pessin said that it should become our slogan for life!


After he spoke, Rabbi Pessin spent time speaking with talmidim, answering shailos, and giving brachos. It was a powerful and inspirational program that gave the boys a window into Rav Chaim’s world and will allow them to continue to connect to the eternal legacy of Ram Chaim zt’l.