The YOSS 7th and 8th grade HIKON members celebrated the completion of the first term of HIKON! Since Elul, these boys have been showing excellence in their daily davening, including coming on time, davening from a siddur, and dressing appropriately.

In celebration, the Hikon members were treated to a delicious catered dinner at Wok Tov, followed by fun and excitement at United Skates of America, for skating, arcades, prizes and lots of fountain soda! Some students preferred skates, while most strapped on roller blades including Rabbi Davidowitz, Mr. Winkler and Rabbi Samet who joined the trip.

The night was filled with laughs and fun, and everyone had a great time. The night was capped off with an exciting raffle for a snowboard, boogie board, mini pool table and dart board.

The second term or HIKON begins after winter break, and we anticipate continued growth in our davening!



January 31, 2020