This week. the 7th and 8th graders were treated to a “ODT workshop” that focused on team building skills.

OTD is a set of activities, challenges and games that develops group dynamics, group problem solving, communication, connection, trust and self-awareness.

First created by the British Royal Navy, OTD was designed to train troops fighting together to work as a team. It was then adopted and modified by the Israeli army,and is now used to train IDF troops.

This OTD workshop was led by Meir Bisk, Head Counselor of Camp Ya’alozu, a wilderness survival camp, who customized the program especially for YOSS talmidim. Meir challenged the boys with games and activities where success can only be reached when the group works as a team.

At the beginning, the groups struggled with their challenges as they had to acclimate themselves to rely on their teammates in order to achieve to victory. As the students started working together, success became easier. The students were very appreciative of this unique opportunity.

Jacob Dimick, an 8th grader commented, “I learned the importance of teamwork in everyday life.”

Avi Barningham said, “Communication skills are vital to success in any field, and I’m happy to have learned them.”

One thing is certain. The YOSS tamidim in the Silber Mechina have all benefitted from this training, and are now looking forward for a year of successful learning – together as a team!