Dear YOSS Family,

I ask you to read this carefully, and please act on it.

The State Department of Education has created proposed educational guidelines that will seriously jeopardize Yeshivos across the entire New York State.

Although currently at YOSS, we may be temporarily not affected by most of these regulations, I truly fear that these laws, if passed, ch”v can be the start of a slippery slope that will force the Yeshivos to introduce curriculum that is the antithesis of our value system, have us spend inordinate amount of hours on subjects that may have no bearing on your children’s future parnassah or true educational needs, and will take away much valued time from Kodesh as well.

Under these new regulations, the local school boards, which can even be comprised of lay community members who have no experience in education, and do not even need a degree, can basically dictate their vision on a yeshiva or private school.

They can declare our education “inadequate” because we do not spend untold amount of hours studying their dictates and they can implement subjects that are totally foreign to our values. Even if we score well above the State average on tests, they can add additional hours of secular education, which will force us to keep children late in school or chas v’shalom diminish Torah education.

This is a genuine and imminent threat to all Yeshivos in New York State, including many schools in which your friends and relatives have children.

Please read the email and sign the petition below together with thousands of other concerned parents from across the spectrum of Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivos.

I thank you and I know that your efforts for the preservation of Torah study and Torah values will be blessed by the Ribono Shel Olam with much nachas from your entire family.

Please do this TODAY! Our children depend on you!

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Thank you,
Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, Rosh Yeshiva/Dean