Since our founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Binyamin Kamenetzky, zt”l, opened the doors of YOSS in 1956, we have always been focused on building talmidim, and forming them into the leaders they have become. With humility and pride, we are honored to continue his legacy with today’s and tomorrow’s generations of talmidim.

Since 1956
We Have Been Building Our Students.
We Have Been Building Our Leaders.
Now … We are Building Our Future.

With prayers to Hashem, we embark on a journey to build a beautiful edifice befitting of housing our precious talmidim – providing them with spacious classrooms, beautiful amenities, and the latest technology they need to succeed.

Our Legacy Campaign will ensure the success of this endeavor.

As we begin demolition we thank our Legacy Campaign Supporters for their generous gifts and commitments to build our future home.

We invite you to partner with us as we honor the legacy of our founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Binyamin Kamenetzky zt”l.

To take part in this historical initiative, please reach out to Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky at, or his cell at (516) 322-5440



Friedman Family Building Dedication Opportunities

Dedication Opportunity Amount
Louis and Gertrude Feil Torah Center SOLD
The Abraham and Sara Silber Middle School SOLD
Friedman Family Elementary Building SOLD
Lobby SOLD
Cornerstone SOLD
Second Floor Educational Wing & Front Doors of the Yeshiva SOLD
Outdoor Recreation Facility $250,000.00
Toras Chaim Luchos SOLD
Science Lab SOLD
Resource and Enrichment Center SOLD
Library SOLD
Rabbi Binyamin Kamenetzky zt”l Wall of Honor SOLD
Myron and Joan Kaufman Wall of Recognition SOLD
Main Entrance SOLD
Main Play Structure $180,000.00
Rabbi Chanina Herzberg Dedication Wall SOLD
Side Recreation area (Children’s Sculpture Garden) $125,000.00
Gallery of Mesorah SOLD
Rabbi Chanina Herzberg Educational Wing SOLD
Art and Vocational Craft Room $100,000.00
Computer Room $100,000.00
Pathway to Growth (Pathway from Friedman Family Building to Mechina) $100,000.00
Education Conference Room $100,000.00
Alumni Wall of Fame $100,000.00
Children’s Garden of Learning (Outdoor Learning Area) $100,000.00
Classroom (15 Sold, 1 Available) $75,000.00
Front of Building Landscaping SOLD
Atrium Walking Bridge to Student Life Center SOLD
Entrance Shaar to Second Floor Educational Wing SOLD
Judaica Book Collection for the Library SOLD
Holocaust Memorial SOLD
Executive Board Room SOLD
Secular Book Collection for the Library $50,000.00
Reception Office SOLD
Associate Dean’s Office SOLD
Main Entrance Door Mezuzah (x2) SOLD
Zareinu Classroom SOLD
Rosh Yeshiva’s Office SOLD
Eretz Yisrael Book Collection for the Library SOLD
Resource and Enrichment Room (5 Sold, 1 Available) SOLD
RCH Educational Wing Entrance Mezuzah SOLD
Teacher’s Lounge/Rebbe’s Room SOLD
Main Stairwell SOLD
Menahel’s Office (x2) SOLD
Middos and Mussar Book Collection for the Library SOLD
Mail/Copy Room $36,000.00
Video Presentation Board-Lobby SOLD
Library Reading Nook (1 Sold, 1 Available) SOLD
Psychologist/Guidance Counselor Room SOLD
Program Coordinator’s Office (x2) SOLD
Nurses’ Office SOLD
Rabbi Chanina Herzberg Wing Entrance SOLD
Principals Office SOLD
District Services Office $25,000.00
Building Manager’s Office $25,000.00
Executive Director’s Office $25,000.00
Play Structures in Sculpture Garden (x3) $25,000.00
Second Floor Educational Wing Mezuzah $25,000.00
Auxilary Stairwell (x3) $25,000.00
Resource and Enrichment Office $25,000.00
Wi- Fi Connection System SOLD
Basketball Court (1 Sold, 3 Availabale) SOLD
Video Presentation Board – Second Floor SOLD
Rosh Yeshiva’s Office Mezuzah SOLD
Educational Suite Workstation SOLD
Mezuzah for Back Doorway (Pathway to Mechina) $18,000.00
Outdoor Seating Area for the Courtyard Garden of Learning (x5) $18,000.00
Financial Suite Workstations (x3) $18,000.00
Classroom Furniture (Desks and Cubbies) $18,000.00
Lobby Skylight (x2) $18,000.00
Classroom Furniture (Cubbies and Student Desks) SOLD
Classroom Cubbies $10,000.00
Principal’s Office Mezuzah (1 Sold, 1 Available) SOLD
Classroom Desks $10,000.00
Menahel’s Office Mezuzah (1 Sold, 1 Available) SOLD
Elevator-Level 1 SOLD
Conference/ Board Room Mezuzah SOLD
Elevator-Level 2 $10,000.00
Smart Board $10,000.00
Resource and Enrichment Classroom Furniture (x6) $10,000.00
Side Entrance Door Mezuzah $10,000.00
Reception Office Window $10,000.00
Library Skylight $10,000.00
Education Administration Office (4 sold, 2 Available) $25,000.00
Back Entrance Mezuzah (x3) $7,200.00
Program Coordinator’s Office Mezuzah $7,200.00
Resource and Enrichment Office Mezuzah $7,200.00
Display Board – Art Room $7,200.00
Display Board – Library (x2) $7,200.00
Asher Yatzar Plaque (x3) $7,200.00
Rebbe/Teachers Desk $5,400.00
Water Fountain (x4) SOLD
Library Mezuzah SOLD
Resource and Enrichment Room Teachers Desk (x5) $5,400.00
Resource and Enrichment Room Mezuzah (x5) $5,400.00
District Service Room Mezuzah $5,400.00
Zareinu Classroom Mezuzah $5,400.00
Mail/Copy Room Mezuzah $5,400.00
Teachers’ Lounge Mezuzah $5,400.00
Art Room Mezuzah $5,400.00
Education Conference Room Mezuzah $5,400.00
Psychologist/Guidence Counselor Room Mezuzah $5,400.00
Nurses’ Office Mezuzah $5,400.00
Building Manager’s Office Mezuzah $5,400.00
Ececutive Director’s Office Mezuzah $5,400.00
Reception Office Mezuzah SOLD
Display Board Outside Classroom (x4) $5,000.00
Kitchenette in Executive Suite $5,000.00
Executive Suite Lobby $5,000.00
Executive Suite Mezuzah SOLD
Classroom Mezuzah SOLD
Back Glass Doorway to Pathway to Mechina (faces Mechina) $75,000.00
Book Room $18,000.00
Mezuzah $3,600.00

Silber Mechina Toras Avraham Building Dedication Opportunities

Dedication Opportunity Amount
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses SOLD
Gymnasium $500,000.00
Birkas Yisroel Bais Medrash SOLD
Mechina Lobby $180,000.00
Lunchroom $100,000.00
Mechina Conference Room $75,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Otzar Hasforim $75,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Main Shul Doors $72,000.00
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Aaron Kodesh SOLD
Mechina Main Entrance Mezuzah $54,000.00
Mechina Classroom (2 Sold, 7 Available) SOLD
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Otzar Haseforim $50,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Kohanim Washing/Netilas Yadayim Station $50,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Tefillin Cubbies $50,000.00
Mechina Lobby Window $50,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Amud $50,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Mezuzah SOLD
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Side Entrance Door (Ramp) $36,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Arch Windows (x3) $36,000.00
Mechina Lobby Staircase $36,000.00
Mechina IT Office SOLD
Teacher’s Lounge SOLD
Mechina Reception Office SOLD
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Bimah $25,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Rosh Yeshiva’s Seat $25,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Mezuzah- Side Door $25,000.00
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Mezuzah $25,000.00
Mechina Conference Room Mezuzah $25,000.00
Gymnasium Mezuzah $25,000.00
Lunchroom Mezuzah $25,000.00
Mechina Video Presentation Board -Lobby $25,000.00
Mechina Student Guidance Counselor’s Office $25,000.00
Security Booth SOLD
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Menahel’s Seat (x2) $18,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Zmanim Board $18,000.00
Specialty Office (x4) $18,000.00
Otzer Hasforim – Rebbe Room $18,000.00
Gymnasium Windows (x9) $18,000.00
Menahel’s Office Mezuzah SOLD
Asher Yatzar Plaque (x3) $7,200.00
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Tables $10,000.00
Birkas Yisroel Beis Medrash Bookcase (x5) $10,000.00
Gluck Beis Hakneses Bookcase (x5) $10,000.00
Principal’s Office Mezuzah $10,000.00
Science Lab Mezuzah $10,000.00
Gluck Family Beis Hakneses Chairs $3,600.00

Phase Two – Student Life Center Building Dedication Opportunities

Dedication Opportunity Amount
Name of Student Torah Life Center Building (Phase 2) $2,000,000.00
Auditorium $500,000.00
Lunchroom $500,000.00
Kitchen SOLD
Student Life Center Cornerstone $180,000.00
Beis Medrash Katan (Phase 2) $150,000.00
Entrance to the Student Life Center SOLD
Beis Medrash Katan (Phase 2) Aron Kodesh $50,000.00
Student Torah Life Center Mezuzah 1 $36,000.00
Student Torah Life Center Mezuzah 2 $36,000.00
Washing Station in Lunchroom (x2) $36,000.00
Associate Dean’s OfficeMezuzah $10,000.00
Water Fountain (x2) $7,200.00
Asher Yatzar plaque (x3) $7,200.00
Mezuzah $3,600.00

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