Yeshiva of South Shore prides itself in providing the boys with an extremely well-rounded education be it Judaica, secular studies and extra-curricular classes. One of the favorites amongst the talmidim is wood shop. We have a fully operation Wood shop right here in the building including drill presses, chop saws, sanding machines, wood lathes and more. Here the boys build items from scratch with their own two hands and learn incredible lifelong skills that will undoubtedly serve them in the future. From design concept through execution, the boys learn sanding, hammering, clamping and wood gluing, staining and drilling. These are just some of the skills the boys are using in order to build incredible projects that they are very proud of.

Many classes have already brought home their first project and have begun working on their second. Napkin holders, cars, toolboxes and storage boxes were the first projects of the year, and that is just the beginning!

In addition to the fourth grades’ regular woodworking classes, they were given the opportunity to help build a beautiful menorah for Chanukah. These boys took time from their recess in order to design and build a six foot tall Menorah for the Yeshiva that has already been placed by the main entrance. Built form wood and painted a shiny silver, it stands a testament to the boys skills and dedication. Whether it is your son’s project or the menorah in the hallway, the wood shop is a place where the boys learn invaluable skills and have a great time doing it.