The Rabbeim and teachers at YOSS have been executing on a superior level over the last 2 months. As Zoom rooms have replaced classrooms, they have become more and more creative, adding special activities, games, and extra-curricular and everything else.
To show appreciation, the YOSS PTA generously sponsored a Friday seuda for the entire General Studies Staff, and the administration delivered homemade challas to each teacher.

Each of the YOSS talmidim made pictures and cards that they emailed or mailed to the rabbeim and teachers to show their Hakaras Hatov for the amazing job their educators are doing. The Yeshiva also sponsored fresh babkas and gifts for all the Rabbeim, and hand delivered them across the tri-state area!
Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, Rosh Yeshiva, then addressed the entire staff via zoom, to show his appreciation for everyone going above and beyond, in order to ensure that every talmid continues his superb education at YOSS.
The Rabbeim and Teachers of Yeshiva of South Shore are proud to be working for the Yeshiva of South Shore, and are always delighted to teach the best talmidim on Long Island!