We are back in Yeshiva!! It has been “trying times”, or as many people say “unprecedented times”. We have all gone through and are going through experiences that we have never dreamed of. We could all probably write books and volumes about our “ups and downs” since this pandemic started. However, I would like to focus on one very important point that is not being stressed enough. That point is a source of inspiration and chizuk for me personally, and in this article I would like to share it with you, the readers.

As a Rebbe, I have seen two wonderful fifth grade classes during this time. One group (that was my class last year) went straight into a pandemic, school closing, onto zoom learning and quarantined into a topsy turvy world with fear of the unknown; yet they continued their learning, davening and avodas Hashem with perfection. They have got to be given the KOVOD that they so rightfully deserve!

The other group (which I have the zechus to teach this year) came back to school with the reality of COVID. Having to learn behind plexiglas (which is really uncomfortable), wearing masks (also very annoying, even though it is necessary), and being in our cohorts. They are facing these important, necessary inconveniences every day – day in and day out – yet they are learning beautifully, davening with such purity and making the best of it. They are doing their homework, learning with their chavrusas and being a real source of inspiration for me as their Rebbe. They have got to be given the KOVOD that they rightfully deserve!

I could go on and on about the praises and accomplishments of my classes, but this is not the platform for it. Let me end by mentioning the names of my talmidim that are not only doing their work, but have done lots of extra credit (which means extra time learning Hashem’s Torah). They have got to be given the KOVOD that they so rightfully deserve! Akiva Baraff, Ezra Davidowitz, Aaron Dworkin, Noam Guttman, Yedidya Krimsky, Yaakov Moskowitz & Dovid Nudman.

In closing, I personally would like to thank those that have put in hours and hours of time to help us reopen and stay safe, so that we can continue to teach the Ribono Shel Olom’s Torah to these amazing Yiddishe children.