Pizza Program

When signing your son up for pizza the system will prompt you to select a homeroom. Please choose TBD as the homeroom until you know your son’s teacher on the first day of school. You can then go in to the system and select the correct homeroom.

1. Pizza Day is Tuesday. The pizza this year will once again be provided by Pizza’le on Central Avenue. Please note that Pizza’le is not a nut-free facility but be assured that the pizza does not come into contact with any nuts at any time during its preparation.

2. If a child is absent for any reason on a Tuesday and therefore does not receive his pizza on that day, he will not be able to ‘make up’ that particular pizza day. He will not get his pizza on Wednesday or any day he returns to school and he does not receive an extra slice(s) the following Tuesday. If your son is absent, you may not come to the school to pick up his pizza. It causes tremendous confusion on our part.

3. Please inform your children directly as to exactly how many slices you have ordered for them. There have been many students who mistakenly believed that their parents ordered them two slices when, in fact, their parents have only paid for one slice.

4. You cannot change your pizza order after December 1, 2017. You may not add or remove slices after that date. The December 1st deadline will give your son plenty of time to see if he enjoys the pizza and/or prefers a different amount of slices.

5. Cheese-less slices are available for children with DAIRY ALLERGIES ONLY.

6. As we have done in the past, sponsorship opportunities will be available. Please feel free to sponsor a child’s pizza day as not every child can afford to receive pizza. It is a tremendous chessed.

7. NO CHILD WILL RECEIVE PIZZA WITHOUT PAYMENT. Payments must be made ahead of time. The cost is $100 per slice of pizza for the entire year. To ensure that your son will get pizza on Tuesday, September 12th, please be sure to sign up by Sunday, September 3rd.

8. To make it easier for everyone we have set up a website to complete your pizza orders. Only credit card payments will be accepted through the website. Checks or cash will not be accepted. Any technical questions can be answered via the phone number included on the web page. Additional questions regarding pizza only (and not the website) please contact Fraydie Kloc at or 917-742-2637 or Malkie Hirsch at 516-512-3862.

Please click on the link below and follow the prompts to order pizza for your son(s).